Volatility; Now What?

Market volatility and geopolitical turmoil has certainly engulfed our news cycle in the first quarter of 2022.
Today, we're going to discuss how we got here and what to do about it.

About The Speakers

Fall Ainina, Ph.D., CFA
Director of Research / Vice President
Investment Committee Member

Ashlee Walton, CFP®
Senior Financial Planner

Neil Craft
Client Relationship Manager

Neil Craft is a registered representative of ALPS Distributors, Inc.


Typical Allocation Range

Equity: 40% - 70%
Fixed Income: 30% - 60%
Cash: 1% - 15%

Small, mid, and large cap stocks
Benchmark: 25% Russell 1000® Index , 25% Russell 2000® Index and 50% Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate U.S. Intermediate Government/Credit Bond Index

The Balanced strategy has a target range of 40% - 70% in equities, with a mix of small, mid, and large capitalization stocks. We weight the stock exposure toward the most advantageous market capitalizations based on our research.

Sector analysis in an important part of our portfolio management process. Changes in sector weightings are made based on our analysis.

We believe that having the maximum flexibility to follow our research is the key to adding value to our clients' accounts.