Family Vision

To be recognized as one of the best investment firms in the United States. By striving to follow God Honoring Principles we will spearhead a dramatic improvement in the reputation of our industry.

Our Mission

Our veteran team of professionals is committed to alleviating uncertainties and providing confidence in achieving your financial goals through independent research.

We are dedicated to respecting and supporting our team, clients and community. We believe this will provide the rewards of continued growth and shared profitability.

Ethical Standards

  • Put client interests first
  • Protect clients from harm
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Ensure all clients benefit equally from our research
  • Honor confidentiality


  • Exceptional service
  • Unblemished professional reputation
  • Technological leadership in investment research
  • First class work environment
  • Excellent compensation for team

God Honoring Principles

  • Show respect for all because each of us has God given dignity
  • Realize everyone seeks for purpose, worth and truth
  • Our words and deeds have an eternal impact
  • Have our interests align with those of our clients
  • Stewardship - We answer to a higher authority


  • Practice the Golden Rule
  • Avoid abusive words or deeds
  • Quickly reconcile if offended
  • Quickly admit and fix mistakes
  • Attack problems, not people
  • Focus on long term best interests
  • Seek win/win solutions


  • Gift 10% of profits to worthy causes
  • Match employee gifts
  • Encourage volunteerism and set an example
  • Use our gifts to improve lives and our community
  • Realize we reap what we sow


  • Strive for excellence in all we do
  • Go above what is expected
  • Actually do what we say, when we say, for what we say
  • Our word is our bond
  • Quality of work should reflect our higher calling


  • Help all who come to us for advice
  • Understand we don’t know everything and aren’t right all the time
  • Avoid extravagance
  • Give heartfelt praise and appreciation
  • Pray regularly for wisdom
  • Understand these are worthy goals but we won’t keep them perfectly

Team Members

  • Treat them as owners
  • Compensate as a team, share profits
  • Keep team informed and include in major decisions
  • Put members in a position to succeed
  • Focus on strengths not weaknesses
  • Help them find their destiny
  • Have fun and enjoy working and playing together