James Investment Research


James Investment Research, Inc.
P.O. Box 8
Alpha, OH 45301

Fax: 937-426-7097

James Advantage Funds

800-99 JAMES

The James Advantage Funds
ALPS Fund Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 786
Denver, CO 80201

Fax: 866-205-1499

If you are a current James Funds investor referencing a specific account, please include the fund name and account number.

For ACHs

Shareholder's wishing to process a transaction via ACH, please call Shareholder Services 1-800-99-JAMES (1-800-995-2637) to proceed.

Wire Information

Colorado State Bank and Trust
1600 Broadway St
Denver, CO 80203

ABA: 102000607
DDA: 8093023451
Account Name: James Funds
FBO: Shareholder's name, account number, and fund

Important: Shareholder must reference their James Account number and fund on the wiring instructions if they are sending in a wire.

Overnight Delivery & Federal Express

The James Advantage Funds
ALPS Fund Services, Inc.
Transfer Agency
1290 Broadway, Ste 1000
Denver, CO 80203

James Capital Alliance


James Capital Alliance
P.O. Box 12
Alpha, OH 45301

Fax: 937-429-7386