Beth Handwerker, CFP®, JD, CDFA, CKA

Estate & Financial Planner

Beth is a Financial Planner who also specializes in estate planning. She helps clients walk through creating estate planning documents that helps make things as easy as possible for those left behind. Beth believes that the documents are only part of the estate planning process. She also explores preparing your heirs for wealth.

A fun part of the process for Beth is documenting family stories, recipes or history that you want to ensure aren’t forgotten. Estate planning is more than just the transfer of wealth. Beth also wants to transfer wisdom, a legacy.

Beth is passionate about estate planning because she’s seen the effects of bad planning with her own family. Her mother passed away, and their family ran into some issues with property titling. One issue caused her father to open probate in a separate state because a timeshare did not have the correct ownership.

The other situation involved a property that was never moved from her mother’s ownership to her family’s partnership ownership. The mistake was discovered five years after her mother’s passing while in the process of selling the property. This caused delays in selling the property and raised several tax questions.

It’s very important to Beth that no one has to go through something like that. Part of the process at James is helping our clients transfer properties to the correct ownership to minimize any delays and headaches!

  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA)
  • Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA)
  • Juris Doctor (JD), American University Washington College of Law
  • B.S. Financial Services, Wright State University

Away from the office:
Beth and her family love to play board games very competitively. She also loves to build puzzles, embroider and read historical fiction.
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Beth Handwerker