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Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions we often receive from people interested in joining with James Investment. Don’t see an question on the list that you may have? Please feel free to give us a call so that we can help answer your question. Call 888-426-7640.

What professional services do you offer?

As a registered investment adviser, we provide asset management deliverable through three primary vehicles. James Investment provides asset management through private client portfolios, separately managed accounts wrap-fee model portfolios, and a family of mutual funds. We have worked hard to make our investment advisory services available on platforms nationwide.

What’s the minimum investment amount to get started?

For private client portfolios, James Investment begins management at $1 million.

For separately managed wrap-fee model portfolios, James Capital Alliance begins management at $100,000.

When investing in the James Funds, personal accounts can be opened with just $50 per fund. Retirement accounts begin at $500 per fund.

What are your fees?

For our private client portfolios, fees will be discussed dependent on asset amount to be managed.

All of our SMA wrap model portfolios are offered at 0.50%.

Each of our four mutual funds have different expense ratios:

  • GLRBX = 1.21%
  • JAVAX = 1.04%
  • JASCX = 1.56%
  • JMCRX = 1.51%

What separates James Investment from other money managers?

At James Investment we provide active management guided by our own research.

Not only are your objectives important to us, but we want to guide, assist and educate you to be a great steward of your assets.

A seasoned and qualified investment committee with an average tenure of over 20 years.

What can I expect from a client relationship with James Investment?

For private clients, James Investment prefers to touch base with clients on a quarterly basis at a minimum. Typically this will involve one or two in-person meetings per year, and either a Zoom meeting or conference calls one or two times per year. Again, this is at a minimum. Clients have discretion as to designing what kind of relationship they prefer to have on an individual basis.

For clients of our SMA wrap-fee model portfolios, James Capital Alliance lets the financial advisors at the broker-dealer direct the relationship, and will loop James Capital Alliance in when and where appropriate.

For clients in our family of mutual funds, James Advantage Funds provides excellent resources on our website including special studies, weekly market commentaries, daily NAV prices, and monthly performance updates. Shareholders are also welcome to contact us at 1-800-99JAMES to speak with an investment advisor representative.